11. Notification of incomplete tasks


    Notification of incomplete tasks function allows you to remind the performer of the unfinished tasks in the tasklist.

    Notification of incomplete tasks option is available to the following users:

    • system administrator;
    • author of the task;
    • observer.

    The function of sending reminders for incomplete tasks can be extended:

    • on all task performers (if a group task);
    • on the individual performer, if the task is targeted.

    Incomplete task reminder is activated by the NOTIFY button.


    Sending notifications is available only for incomplete tasks with statuses:

    • new;
    • pending.

    Completed tasks are not covered by the Notification of incomplete tasks option.

    If a group task has "completed" or "incomplete" tasks, only those performers who have not completed the task will be reminded when sending a general notification.

    Incopmplete tasks notification algorithm

    1. Select the desired task and activate the PERFORMANCE STATUS button. 2_eng.png
    2. Select the performer you want to notify and activate the NOTIFY button. 3_eng.png
    3. Select the notification type:
    • email;
    • push.


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