12. Reassign tasks when a user is deactivated


    This function is intended to reassign tasks from an inactive (deactivated) user to an active (active) user.

    The activity status is displayed in the user card and regulated by the system administrator.

    Task reassignment algorithm

    When the user is deactivated, the system informs the administrator about the presence of unfinished tasks and offers 2 options:

    • close tasks;
    • go to task reassignment.

    When the CLOSE button is activated, the user is deactivated together with his common task pool. 

    To reassign tasks, activate the GO TO REASSIGNMENT button.


    After activating the REASSIGN button, the system opens an interface with step-by-step actions:

    1Select the performer to reassign tasks from.

    By default, the name and surname of the deactivated user from whom the tasks are to be transferred to the new performer are already fixed in the field.


    2. Select tasks to be reassigned.

    The selection of tasks to be reassigned is activated by a tick. Once the tasks are selected, the SELECT PERFORMER button becomes active.


    3. Select the performer to reassign tasks to.

    After activating the PERFORMER SELECTION button, the system prompts you to enter the data of the new task manager. As soon as the name of the new performer is fixed, the REASSIGN button is activated.


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