13. Photo reports and claim handling


    Photo report is a special task type. The purpose of this task is to make sure that in all necessary departments, specific requirements for the space design are met (for example, the required composition of shop windows, price tags, goods layout, etc.).

    When performing a Photo report task, performers attach photos to it, confirming that space is appropriately designed. 

    If the author is not satisfied with the space design - he can create a claim to the store and return the task to work. 

    To create the Photo report task:

    • Click the Add Task button in the Tasks module;
    • Select Task Type - Photo Report and fill in the task fields.


    To search for a Photo Report task:

    • Go to the Tasks module;
    • Open the Photo Report tab.


    Photo Report has two viewing modes:

    • In task execution mode - View task execution status button (the main focus is on task execution status, the photos are displayed as thumbnails);
    • In photo gallery mode - Check photo report button (focuses on viewing photos in gallery mode);


    View photos of the Photo Report and create Claims

    • Open the necessary Photo Report by clicking View task execution status orCheck Photo Report;
    • Go to the Photo Report tab;


    • Select the desired store and its photo to create a Сlaim;


    • The window opens for creating a Claim to the store for the selected photo. In this window, you can edit a photo, insert text, download it, etc. Fill in the necessary fields to create a Claim and click create.


    The Claim will be created for the store as a Task. The number of claims and control over their implementation is performed in the Claims List tab of the photo report.


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