Photo reports and claim handling


    Photo report is a special task type in which executors take photos according to a task description. After that, a task author or observer can visually evaluate how well company standard is met in each store and create Claims if something is out of step and should be fixed.

    For example, you can create a photo report task asking employees to take photos of wares on shelves to check if they are set out according to merchandising rules of your company. 

    To create a Photo report task, you should

    • Click the Add Task button in the Tasks module
    • Select Task Type - Photo Report and fill in the task fields.


    To search for a Photo Report task:

    • Go to the Tasks > Tasks list tab
    • Open the Photo Reports tab.


    Photo Report has two viewing modes

    • The first one opens when you click the Execution status button (the main focus is on task execution status, the photos are displayed as thumbnails);
    • The second one opens when you click the View photo report button (focuses on viewing photos in gallery mode);


    How to view photos and create сlaims

    • Open the desired Photo Report by clicking either the  Execution status or View photo report button
    • Go to the Photo Report tab;
    • Select the desired store and its photo to create a Сlaim;


    • The claim creation menu will open. You can edit a photo using the in-built editor. Fill in all the required fields and click Create


    The Claim will be created as a task that should be completed by the store personnel. You can check the number of claims and track their status in the Claims List tab of the photo report.


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