Creating a Survey Template


    Once the Survey option is enabled, the Survey settings section will appear in the menu.

    In order to create a survey template, you should:

    1) Open the Survey settings section of the website and click on the New category button. A category assembles survey templates having a shared theme. Skip this step if you have already created a category.


    Enter the name of a new category and set restrictions defining who of the users should not have access to the category. You can select such users manually or restrict the use of the category from certain groups or departments. Click on the Save button to proceed.


    2) Click on the Category and create a new Survey template using the New template button.

    3) Enter the name of a template.

    4) Tick the Quick survey checkbox if you want this template to be used for taking quick surveys. You can read more about Quick surveys in this article.

    5)  Select one of the Survey types:

    • Classic: a survey that is taken with the intention to collect information. If you choose this type please proceed to step 8 of this instruction.
    • With points: a survey that is taken with the intention to collect information and evaluate it in points.
    • mceclip2.png

    To mention scenarios of use of Survey with points, this type of survey has proven to be good in the field of personnel training. Scored surveys can be an examination of employee knowledge of company standards and procedures. Both an author and survey participants can check the result of the survey right after completing it and get information about the level of their knowledge of the subject. Alternatively, scored surveys can be used to collect statistical information on facility commissioning. (e.g. store "A" is 80% ready for opening, store "B" is 100% ready for opening, store "C" is 75% ready for opening)

    6) You can select the following options for a survey with points.

    • Show points during survey: this option allows a user who is taking a survey to see scored points for each answer given.
    • Pass criteria: if this option was enabled, the final result of a survey will be displayed in percents. 



    7) If the Pass criteria option was enabled, you should specify the cut-off grades and at least two criteria for them. You can click on the Add criterion button if you want to add more final results. 


    8) Click on the Save button to proceed. 

    After that, the survey template is created and now you should fill it with questions. 

    1) To add questions, click on the desired survey template.


    2) Click on the New question button.

    3) Enter the text of a question.

    4) Select one of the question types.

    - single choice: a user can select only one answer option;
    - multiple choice: a user can select multiple answer options;
    - number: an answer is a number, including fractional numbers;
    - date: a user can select a date from the calendar;
    - date and time: a user can select date and time from the calendar;
    - file: a user can attach a file as an answer to the question;
    - free answer;
    - selection from catalog: a user can select an answer from the catalog (please contact your manager to enable catalogs functionality in your system).

    5)  For surveys with points you should specify how many points will be scored for each answer.


    6) Select the Question parameters.

    - required: the survey will not be finished until such a question is answered.
    - answer comment: allows a user taking a survey to leave comments on his answers. (if this parameter was enabled, you can also make a comment mandatory)
    - custom answer;
    - hint: you can give a user a hint on a question or attach a photo hint. 

    7) Specify Display Conditions, if necessary. The question will then be displayed only if a specific answer to one of the previous questions was given.


    For example, if you want an answer to be displayed only for the employees who are supervisors, you can add a condition that the question appears only if a user answered "Supervisor" on the question "What is your position?"

    8) Click on the Save button or on the Save and create new button if you want to add another question.

    You can preview a survey template by clicking on the corresponding button. Click on the trash bin Screenshot_34.png to delete an answer.  Drag questions using  Screenshot_33.png icon if you want to change their order.


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