Survey tasks


    How to create a survey task

    There are two ways to create a survey task.

    From the Survey builder:

    1. Open the category with a survey template you want to use
    2. Click on the Screenshot_37.png sign next to the desired template
    3. Click Add task, fill in all required fields and click Create to proceed. 


    From the Tasks list:

    1. Click Add task
    2. Select Survey as the task type
    3. Select a category and a template from the drop-down lists


    You can read more about creating a task in our article. 

    How to view a report 

    1. Click on the Download report button next to the name of a survey template
    2. Set parameters for the report
    3. Click Download


    How to view survey tasks

    Open the Tasks - Tasks list section of the website and search for a task using the filters. 


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