14. Generation of periodic tasks


    Generate Periodic Tasks tab of the Tasks section is used to create rules for generating regular tasks according to the specified conditions. Once you set the parameters of a periodic task, the system will automatically generate it at the right time and notify all the assigned task participants of the task creation: author, performers, observers.

    The option of creating and viewing periodic tasks is available both for the system administrator and for users at the Region level and above. The system administrator will see all the rules created by the users. Other users-authors will see only periodic tasks created by them.


    The state of the tab when opened for the first time and with no rules of generation:


    Clicking the Create Rule button opens the periodic task creation panel:


    When creating a rule:

    • specify Rule Name = Name of the periodic task;
    • specify Rule/Task Generation Period. The rule becomes inactive at the end of the period. It is possible to choose the "indefinitely" parameter, when the rule will not be limited by the period;
    • select Frequency of execution.


    Next, the filling is similar to filling an ordinary one-time task.

    Enter task data:


    Select Responsible persons(available roles are Store Manager, Regional Manager, Division Manager):


    If necessary, select the Observers.


    Fill in Additional parameters.


    Example of created rule:


    You can edit the created rules. To do this, you must press the Advanced button (three vertical points at the end of the rule line) and then press Edit. Editing a created periodic task is only available to the task author. The system administrator cannot edit periodic tasks created by users:


    With the help of filters, the system implements the search for the necessary periodic task-rule:



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