Tasks schedule


    The Tasks schedule is used to generate tasks under certain conditions. If a rule is set, the scheduler will automatically create a task at the specified time and notify task executors and observers that it has been created. 

    Both the system administrator and users of the Region level and higher can view and edit task generation rules. Nonetheless, the administrator will be able to view & edit all the created rules whereas users of lower levels will only be able to view rules created by them. 


    If you haven't created any task generation rules, the Tasks schedule section will look like this way:


    Clicking the Create Rule button will open the generation rule creation menu.


    When creating a rule, you should fill the following fields

      • A Rule Name. Note that all generated tasks will have the same title as the corresponding rule name
      • A Rule work period. You can either specify a period for which a rule will be active or mark it as Infinite. In such a case, tasks will be generated according to that rule until you deactivate the rule manually
      • Frequency of execution.

    The scheduler attempts to create a task only once a day. If the scheduler created (or tried and failed to create) a task according to a generation rule, no more tasks will be created by that rule on that day. 

    Let us assume that we have a rule that creates a task at 7 AM every day.

    At 8 AM we decide to change that rule. Now the rule is set to create a task at 12 AM every day.

    The scheduler will generate a new task at 12 AM on the following day. 


    After that, you should fill the rule with task info


    and select who will be responsible for task execution. 


    There are some extra options you can select.


    • You can determine how often executors shall be reminded about their unsolved tasks.
    • You can require a comment on a task from executors. In such a case, they will not be able to complete a task without leaving a comment. 
    • You can require an attachment (e.g. photos of the finished work, voice recordings, etc.) and set a minimum number of attachments to complete a task. 
    • You can prohibit attaching photos from the phone gallery to make sure that executors take fresh & relevant photos. 
    • You can require a confirmation. In that case, a task will be completed only after an author or an observer confirm that everything has been done.

    Finally, you can select who will receive notifications on certain events happening to tasks created according to your generation rule. 
    Thepushnotificationicon.jpgicon stands for push notification.

    The emailnotificationicon.jpgicon stands for email notification. 



    Here is an example of a task generation rule in the list. 


    If you want to edit an existing generation rule, simply click on it in the list. 


    Searching for a generation rule

    If you have a lot of rules generation rules, you can use the filters to find a rule you are looking for. Click the expand button at the top right side of the list and set the desired filters. 



    Copying a generation rule

    If you want to create multiple tasks with common settings, click the copy button  copybutton.jpg next to a rule you would like to copy. 

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