Tasks Tab

    1. You can switch to the tasks tab from any other by clicking on the Tasks button at the bottom side of the screen. 


       The counter on top of the icon shows a number of unsolved tasks. 

      There are four screens showing tasks of different types. You can switch between them by swiping the screen.


       Only tasks executed, authored, or observed by you are displayed in the mobile app. Use the web app to view tasks of your stores.




      16.jpgSearch by: Task ID, name, author, observer.

      18.jpgSync button. Click it to force start a task synchronization.

      17.jpg Opens the filter list.


      Select the desired filters and click Apply. Tasks will be sorted by the selected filters.




      • Task status (New, in progress)
      • Task creation date
      • Deadline
      • № of task
      • 3.jpg a button that opens task attachments
      • Task name
      • Name of an author and executor(s)
      • Task description 
      • Number of completed subtasks
      • The Download button is used to download a task report
      • The More details button opens the task view screen


      • The Start work button marks a task as in progress
      • The Finish button marks a task as completed
      • An Executor can leave a comment in the corresponding field
      • 14.jpgClick on the mic button to record an audio
      • Click on the 3.jpg  button to view all attachments 
      • Click on the 7.jpg button to add attachments to a task.
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