How to create tasks


    To create a task, press + at the bottom of the application screen and select Create task:


    Fill in the main task parameters:


    Choose an available executor in one of the tabs:
    - Company (to select an executor of the level Company);
    - Divisions (to select an executor of the level Division);
    - Regions (to select an executor of the level Region);
    - Stores (to select an executor with a link to the store); 
    - Users (to select any performer without reference to the object).


    Open the required object and select the checkboxes of executors. You can also open the object to select one executors from the available ones. Clicking the orange icon in the bottom left corner will show the selected artists. Confirm your selection by clicking on the green check mark.



    Set up a task reminder for the executor:


    Select an observer:

    • Director of executor (the available performer managers will be displayed).
    • By Business Direction (you can select one or more users of the specified business direction as an observer).
    • By user level (you can select one or more users of the specified level as an observer).
    • By searching Screenshot_at_Sep_11_17-16-24.png by name, e-mail, position or object.

    Co confirm your choice, click the green check mark at the bottom of the screen:


    Select additional params:


    To set up notifications, click the icon of the notification type, moving it to the inactive position.


    After selecting all the parameters, click on Create


    After that the task will be available to the executor.

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