Import of checklist templates


    You may find it inconvenient to create new checklist templates directly in Qvalon, especially when you have to add lots of them. In such a case, you can import new templates from an Excel file.


    How to add a new checklist template via import?

    1) Log in to an administrator account and proceed to the Checklist constructor > Checklist templates section of the website.

    2) Click on the Add with import button.

    3) You will see the import menu. 

    To make sure that your templates will be added correctly, enter the name of the checklist templates and select one of the grade calculation modes.

    After filling in the name of your template and selecting one of the calculation modes, click on the Upload file button.

    4) Select an excel file you want to import. After that, the file should appear at the bottom of the import menu. 

    NB: An Excel file that you are going to import must match the import file template. You can download this template by clicking on the Download button below the Upload file button.

    5) Click on the Import button.

    6) The page with the imported template will open. 
    Scroll the page down and check the template for errors. The system will underline them with red color.

    7) Select questions you want to add to the checklist template by ticking the corresponding checkboxes and click on the Apply button to finish the import.


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