Report view menu


    Click Reports on the left of the page to see all reports that are available to you. 


    In the Reports tab, you can view and export the following reports 

    • Estimate for the period
    • Report on the calendar
    • Inspections
    • Verification tasks
    • Inspections-processes-questions
    • Block-subblock-processes
    • Store managers who do not fill checklists

    Access Settings

    To make reports available for a user, the system administrator should 

    1. Link the user to an object of organizational structure: division, region, or store 
    2. Set one of the reporting roles for the user
    3. Grant the user access to checklist templates they are going to form reports on
    4. Grant the user the Inspector role if they are going to work with reports on inspections

    Organizational Structure

    Go to the Administration —  Users tab, select the desired user and make sure a store/region/division is linked to the user, depending on their level. 

    You can read more about Organizational Structure in this article.

    Reporting roles

    Reporting roles determine whether a user should have access to reports or not.

    Every role grants access to a specific report. 

    Roles can either be set for every user individually or a group of users. Users inherit all report roles of groups they belong to. 


    Please read the article about reporting roles if you want to know more about each of them. 

    Access to checklist templates

    The system administrator can grant user groups or departments access to certain checklist templates.

    To do that, follow the instruction below.

    • Open the Checklist builderChecklist templates tab in the menu
    • Click on a checklist template
    • Go to the Assign recipients tab
    • Select groups and departments that should have access to the selected template
    • Click Save changes


    Inspector role

    To make a user inspector, the system administrator should

    • Go to the AdministrationUsers tab in the menu
    • Select a user from the list and tick the Inspector box 
    • Click Save changesmceclip0.png
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