The Inspections report is informative and complex. It gives detailed info on the quality of the inspector's work in the object. 

    • The data type (planned/unplanned) parameter can be used to assess the executive discipline of the inspector. For example, as part of a monthly planning program. The same conclusions can be drawn by the parameters Planned date, Start of filling, End of filling
    • The duration of an inspection shows the manager if the inspector was scrupulous about his work or did everything in a lackadaisical way
    • The Filling place, Coordinate difference, Device platform parameters give more information about where the inspection was carried out and with which device.
    • The inspection status will help you to assess how well managers track deadlines of their employees solving problems found during inspections

     To start working with the report, open the Reports Inspections tab of the menu. 

    You can use filters to determine what inspections you would like to see depending on their type, status, grade, coordinates, etc. 


    Apply the desired filters and click Calculate. Alternatively, you can click Download EXCEL to export the report into an Excel file. 


    How to delete an inspection

    Only the system administrator can delete an inspection. Inspections of all statuses except for planned and filling can be deleted. 

    When you delete an inspection, all linked tasks are also deleted. 

    To delete an inspection, click on the trash can icon next to the corresponding inspection.



    Start of filling/End of filling

    Time of start and end of the inspection records according to the time set on the inspector's device. 


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