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    A checklist is a tool that can help you assess the quality of execution of business processes or standards running in your company. You can either create a checklist template directly in "Qvalon" or add it via import.

    The employees of your company will be able to use these templates to conduct their own checks.
    Checklist constructor menu

    Template editing menu

    How to create a checklist template

    Checklist constructor menu



    The drop-down list Category sorts the templates by their subject.


    Categories can be disabled by default. Please, contact your manager to enable them.

    mceclip2.png You can search for templates by name. 

    Only active templates will be shown by default.

    You can untick this box if you want to see the templates that are not active.

    mceclip4.png Imports a template from an Excel file. Please, visit this page for further information.
    mceclip5.png Creates a checklist template.
    mceclip6.png The checklist templates are presented as a list.
    mceclip7.png Copies the content of the selected checklist template.
    mceclip8.png Opens the content of the selected checklist template and allows editing it.
    mceclip9.png Checklist templates cannot be deleted, but they can be deactivated. Once the template receives this status, it will not be used and shown by default.
    mceclip10.png You can click on these buttons to download the list of your templates as a PDF or Excel file.
    mceclip12.png Displays the total number of templates.

    You can configure the number of templates that will be shown on each page by selecting 5, 10, 15, or 20 from the drop-down list.

    Template editing menu

    You can open the editing menu by clicking on the Edit button.
    The editing menu can be used to view and edit checklist templates.


    mceclip1.png You can change the name of your template by entering the new name in this field. To save changes, click on the mceclip2.png diskette icon.



    This switch indicates whether the template is active or not. Any new template will be Active by default. To hide it from the templates list, you should change its status to Not active.

    You cannot delete a template. Instead, you should deactivate it. Once deactivated, the template will be hidden and no longer available for use. 


    By default, questions in the template will be shown by processes. Switch to the Zones if you want the questions to be shown by zones.



    Click on this button to add a question from the Processes library.


    Click on this button to add a new question to the template and the Processes library. Please note that if you create the question this way, you will only be able to specify the text and a hint to the question.


    Deselects all selected questions.


    Deletes all selected questions.


    You can click on this button to edit the template by importing an Excel file. Please visit this page for further information.

    mceclip11.png You can choose the answer type for the checklist: Yes/No or Yes/Medium/No.


    You can mark the main questions as Blocking category.

    If the blocking question is answered negatively, the other questions from the category will be unavailable for an answer.

    For example, if you answer the question "Is the store open?" negatively, you will not be able to answer other questions from the same Category.


    You can mark the main questions as Blocking checklist.

    If the blocking checklist question is answered negatively, the other questions in this checklist will become unavailable for an answer.


    Makes the question mandatory. It will be impossible to finish the check without answering such a question.


    How to create a checklist template

    1) Open the Checklist constructor section of the website and enter the Checklist templates subsection.

    To create a template, click on the Add button.


    You can also import a template from an Excel file. Please, visit this page for instructions.

    You will see the template creation screen. Enter the name of the template in the textbox and press the Create button. 

    The new template will be displayed in the list of checklist templates. 

    The template will be empty after you create it. To fill it with questions, click on the Edit button opposite to the desired template.  You will see the Template editing menu

    2) To add a new question, open the Processes library subsection of the website. 

    Then create a block and related processes. 

    To find instruction on how to work with the Processes library, follow the link below:

    Once you have created the template, it is about time to add questions to it. To do so, click on the Add existing question button. You will see a window with blocks of processes from the Processes library. 3) Add questions to the template and configure them.


    Questions are linked to the company processes. You can only add a question to the related process. 

    You can either add an already existing question from the Processes library or create a completely new question. 

    We recommend that you add new questions in the Processes library subsection. If doing so, you will be able to add already existing questions at that step.


    Marks a question to be added to the template. Marked questions will look as on the screenshot below:


    mceclip9.png Unmarks a question. The unmarked question will not be added to the template. 
    mceclip8.png Marks all questions from a process to be added to the template.
    mceclip10.png Unmarks all questions from a process. They will not be added to the template.  
    mceclip11.png Adds all marked questions to the checklist template.
    mceclip12.png Sorts questions in the list by date of change. 
    mceclip13.png Searches the list for questions with specific keywords. 

    After marking all questions needed, click on the Add questions button at the bottom of the screen. Marked questions will be added to the checklist and you will see their list. 

    You can add questions from different processes. If you do so, the questions from the same process will be grouped into a Category.


    4) Configure the questions in the checklist template


    mceclip16.png Configure the answer type. You can choose from the two proposed types. 

     A Category contains questions from the same Process.

    If you choose this option, a user will be unable to answer other questions from the same category after answering the blocking question negatively. 


    You can mark questions as Blocking checklist.

    If a user answers such a question negatively, he will be unable to answer any other questions from the checklist. 

    mceclip19.png Makes the question mandatory. It will be impossible to finish the check without answering such a question.
    mceclip20.png A user will have to add an attachment (e.g. photo) to answer a question with this option enabled. 
    mceclip21.png A user will have to add an attachment (e.g. photo) to answer a question with this option enabled but only if he answers the question negatively.
    mceclip22.png By default, if a user answers some of the questions negatively, a new task will be created. If you choose this option, no tasks will be created if the question is answered negatively.


    Allows a supervisor to determine a deadline to fix the problem. If this option was not selected, the deadline will be determined as default. 

    To set the default deadline open Settings -> Parameters -> Checklists and enter the default amount of days in the textbox.  mceclip15.png



    Determines the weight of the question. 


    Sets the deadline on which the problem should be fixed.

    Checklist templates search

    To search for some checklist template, you should enter its name fully or partially in the field Search by name.


    If your company has many checklist templates, you can change the number of templates to be shown on the page to make the search more convenient.



    How to hide a template

     You can hide any checklist template from the list. To do so, click on the Deactivate button.


    If you want to see deactivated checklists in the list, untick the Active only box.



     You can also restore any checklist template that was deactivated. To do so, open the template you want to restore by clicking the Edit button and switch the template status to Active. 


    How to set checklist properties

    To edit checklist properties, find the desired checklist in the list, click on its name and open the Properties tab. 


    Manager's comment is required If this option is enabled, a comment will be required to solve issues found during an inspection. 

    Inspector comments

    If this option is enabled, an inspector cannot finish an inspection unless he leaves comments on checklist questions. 

    Comments on checklist questions can be

    • not required
    • required for a negative answer
    • required for a positive answer
    • always required
    • customizable for each question
    “Irrelevant“ answer

    You can allow skipping part of the checklist questions if they are irrelevant for some reason. Here is the list of available options:

    • not available (set by default)
    • available in all questions
    • customizable for each question. 

    Note that if a question is marked as irrelevant, it will not be counted in the inspection results and any reports considering that inspection. 

    Need review

    This option enables the Review status for all inspections using the checklist. 

    Review is an intermediate stage between conducting an inspection and obtaining a final result.

    You can find more information about inspection reviews in the following article

    Allow parameter "Need review" to be changed manually

    If this option is enabled, the "Need review" option can be enabled or disabled each time creating a new inspection.

    Grade calculation mode

     You can choose between the following grade calculation modes

    • Weighted
    • Percentage
    • Sum
    • Extended weighted
    Disallow upload attachments from gallery during passing inspection

    If enabled, an inspector will only be able to attach photos taken on their device's camera during an inspection. 

    Disallow upload attachments from gallery for issues

    Same as above but the restrictions apply only to issues. 


    You can set a time interval for filling inspections using the checklist. 

    1. Click on the checkbox next to this option
    2. Set a time interval
    3. Click Save time
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