3. Checks list


    To view the audits, open the Checks list item on the left menu. 

    It has two sections:

    • Inspection board;
    • Inspection table.


    Inspection board

    Inspection board section serves for visual display of checks, their creation and search.

    The following video demonstrates the features of the section.


    Inspection table

    Inspection table section is used to display tabular information about the audits.


    The following options are available:

    • search for audits by checklist template name;
    • filter of audits by date (filter of audits by date. Calendar to select the filter start date);
    • store audit filter by date of the audit.

    To reset the filters, click Clear (Clear filter parameters button), to apply - Filter.

    The audit is available for viewing if all comments are corrected.

    Click Go to Tasks to go to tasks using the checklist template.

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