Report on the calendar


    This report shows the executive discipline of inspectors. It will be useful if inspectors in your company should plan inspections before conducting them. You will then be able to compare the number of planned inspections and the number of inspections that were carried out. 

    Information from the report on the calendar can be used to build a motivational system for inspectors.

    To start working with this report, open the ReportsReport on the calendar tab from the menu.


    Select the desired filters and click Calculate to see the results on the page. Alternatively, you can export them into an Excel file by clicking Download EXCEL.

    You can visually distinguish checks by their color. Each color represents the corresponding status. 


    Checks that were not completed before the deadline will be underlined in red color. The system administrator can delete such checks or return them to work so that inspectors fill them in again.

    How to delete/restore missed checks

    1) Log in as the system administrator.

    2) Open the Report on the calendar.

    3) Select the desired filters and click Calculate.

    4) Find the desired missed check. It will be underlined in red color.

    5) Click on the number of the check and tick either the Delete or Restore checkbox. Then click Delete or Restore respectively. 



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