1. Description of administrator features


    System administrator is a user who keeps the system up to date, performs system configuration, sets up user options, generates analytical information on the work results with the system. 

    The following actions are available to the system administrator within the framework of WEB version of MD Audit.

    • View all system reports.
    • Work with the system library:
      • Create/view/edit questions.
      • Form/review/edit processes and questions.
      • Form/view/edit of process blocks.
    • Work with checklist templates:
      • Form/view/edit of checklist templates.
      • Assign checklist templates to user groups.
      • Specify the rate of checks on the stores.
    • Management of system objects:
      • Create/view/edit users.
      • Create/view/edit user groups.
      • View/edit roles.
      • Create/view/edit stores.
      • Create/view/edit divisions.
      • Create/view/edit regions.

    User - an employee registered in the system with a certain set of options defined depending on the position and user level in the system hierarchy. The user level is set on the "Users" tab and defines the scope of interaction with stores.

    System roles can be assigned to either a user or a group of users. In doing so, users inherit all the roles of the groups they belong to. 

    Checklist templates created by the administrator are assigned to user groups, business areas, not to individual users.

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