5. Audit generation


    Audit generation tab of the Checklist builder section is used to create the rules for autogenerating audits and has more advanced features than the Checklists for DM parameter in the system settings, which allows to select the day and template of the checklist, but does not provide a choice of specific store  (link).

    It is only available to the system administrator.


    The state of the tab when opened for the first time and with no rules of generation:


    Clicking Create rule opens the creation panel:


    When creating a rule, the administrator needs to:

    • Set a name.
    • Specify the period of rule generation. At the end of the period, the rule will become inactive. It is possible to choose the parameter "indefinitely", when the rule will not be limited by the period.
    • Select a checklist template, one or more.


    Next, select the generation period:

    • Daily.
    • Weekly, activated selection of days of the week.
    • Monthly, calendar is activated: possibility to choose a specific day. Recorded as "Every nth day of the month". If there are less days in a month than the assigned "n", the generation take place on the maximum possible day of the month.
    • Last Day of the Month option.


    And the organizational units for which the rule will be created.


    Example of created rule:


    Created rules can be edited. To do this, press the Edit button.

    The search among the created rules is organized in the system:


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