Inspections Schedule


    If you want some of your checks to be conducted on a regular basis, you can use the Inspections Schedule.

    Note that the Inspections Schedule can only be viewed and edited by a system administrator.


    Click on the Create button in the bottom right of your screen. The generation rule creation menu will open.


    When creating a rule, an administrator should:

    • Set a name.
    • Specify a work period. At the end of the period, a rule will become inactive. If a work period is marked as "Infinite", then the rule will not be limited by the period.
    • Select at least one checklist template.

    After that, set the frequency of generation.

    • Daily.
    • Weekly. You will be able to select any day of the week when the check would be generated. 
    • Monthly. You will be able to select any day of the month. If some month contains fewer days than you have specified, a check will be created on the last day of the month.
    • Quarterly. You will be able to select on which month and day of the quarter the check would be generated.
    • Semiannually. The check will be generated every six months. 
    • The last day of the month.


    The scheduler attempts to create an inspection only once a day. If the scheduler created (or tried and failed to create) an inspection according to a generation rule, no more inspections will be created by that rule on that day. 

    Let us assume that we have a rule that creates an inspection at 7 AM every day.

    At 8 AM we decide to change that rule. Now the rule is set to create an inspection at 12 AM every day.

    The scheduler will generate a new inspection at 12 AM on the following day. 

    And select objects for which checks will be generated.


    An example of a generation rule.


    Click the Edit button to edit an existing rule.


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