12. Divisions


    To go to the list of divisions of the system, select Orgstruct in the Administration section of the left menu. Then click the Divisions tab in the upper menu.


    This screen displays a list of existing divisions in the system as a table. To search by division, enter part or all of its name and press the Search button. To display only active divisions, press Active only.

    Create a division

    To create a new division click Create Division button. This will open the window for creating a new division.


    On this screen, enter a division name and click Create button if you want to add more than one position, or click Create and close to add one position.

    Edit information about the division

    To view/edit the information about the division, click on it in the list of divisions, the panel for viewing the information about the division will open.


    In the Info tab, you can edit the name of the selected division and make it active/inactive. After making changes, press Enter to save them.

    In the Regions tab, you can view the list of regions and move the regions to another division.


    In the Stores tab, you can view the list of stores and move the stores to another region.


    To edit the responsible persons in the selected division, click on the Selection of responsible tab.

    Available sorting by business direction.

    To make an employee responsible, move the toggle switch in the Responsible section to ON, or to OFF - to remove the authority.

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