In the Tablet section of the system parameters you can view and edit the following options for mobile app users: 



    1. Change and password recovery options allow users to change and recover passwords. When turned off, only the system administrator will be able to change user passwords.
    2. Display closed tasks by results of checks, days (0-closed today, 1-closed since yesterday, etc.) defines for how many days closed tasks will be displayed in the list.
    3. Error when determining geolocation (meters) defines an acceptable error limit for geolocation (e.g. error limit of 500 meters means that a user can conduct a check within 500 meters from the store location).
    4. How many days ago to display completed checklists (0 today, 1 yesterday, etc.) defines for how many days in progress checks will be displayed in the mobile app. 
    5. How many days ahead to display the planned checklists (0-today, 1-tomorrow, etc.) defines how many days before a planned date checks will appear in the list of planned checks.
    6. Number of last completed checks to be displayed in the mobile app.
    7. Show closed tasks, days (0-closed today, 1-closed yesterday, etc.) defines for how many days the closed tasks should be displayed in the mobile app.
    8. Sync the latest checks, taking into account the date of the last changes
    9. Task Synchronization Versioned
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