Business directions


    To access the list of business areas of the system, select Business directions in the Administration section of the menu.


    This screen displays the list of business directions existing in the system in a table. To delete business directions, check and click Delete selected business directions.

    Creating a business direction

    To add a new business direction, click the Creating new business direction button. This will open the business direction creation menu.


    Enter the name of the business direction and click on the Create business direction button. Click the Cancel button to cancel the business direction creation process.

    Edit information about a business area

    To view/edit the information about a business area, click on it in the list of the business directions. The editing menu will appear. 


    In the Info tab, you can edit the name of the selected business direction. If necessary, tick the Can create tasks option. Click on the Save changes button to save the changes.

    A user in a business direction without the Can create tasks option will not be able to select stores from the drop-down list when creating a task in the Tasks section of the website.

    In the Geolocation tab, you can set the settings that determine the system operation parameters when informing the user about the beginning/end of the check outside the facility (i.e. the value of the "Error in determining the geolocation (meters)" option in the "System parameters - Tablet" according to the GPS device).


    After selecting, click the Save changes button.

    The Users tab displays users assigned to the selected business direction. To search for a specific user, fill in the fields and click the Search button.



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