How to create users


    What is this

    User - an employee registered in the system with a certain set of options defined depending on the position and user level in the system hierarchy. The user level is set on the "Users" tab and defines the scope of interaction with stores.

    Create a user

    To create a new user, click the New User button in the Users section.



    The user creation menu will open.


    Fill in the fields. Fields with an * sign are mandatory.

    Tick the Active user checkbox to activate this user.

    After filling in the user information, you can assign one or more groups to the user.



    • To select a group for a user, "drag" a group from the list of available groups to the list of selected groups using the arrows.
    • To deselect groups, drag a group from the list of selected groups to the list of available groups using the arrows.

    Specify the distribution of reports for the user in the same way.

    To save changes, click Create user.


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