How to create departments


    What is this?

    Departments reflect the organizational structure of the company. For example, HR Department, Logistics Department, etc. Departments are used to define user permissions. 

    By default, the system will create three departments. You can't delete them, but you can rename them any way you like. 

    1. 1001 Operations. Only a Region level user of this department will be considered a regional manager. The same can be said about users of the Division level.
    2. 1002 Undefined. All users who were not assigned to any other department will be assigned to this one. 
    3. 1003 Store managers. The system will automatically assign all users with the Store Manager role enabled to this department. 

    If necessary, you can add additional departments. For example, HR, Quality Control, Security Service, etc.

    How to create a department

    To create a department, click the Creating new department button. This will open a window for creating a new department.



    On this screen, enter the name of the department and click Create department to proceed.

    Edit information about a department

    To view/edit the information about a department, click on it in the list of departments. The editing menu will appear. 


    In the Info tab, you can edit the name of the selected department. If you want users from the selected department to create tasks, tick the Can create tasks option. Click on the Save changes button to save changes.

    In the Geolocation tab, you can determine how the system will react on users from the selected department if they try to start an inspection while being away from the facility they are checking.


    After selecting the desired options, click the Save changes button.

    The Users tab displays users assigned to the selected department. To search for a specific user, fill in the fields and click the Search button.


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