General description


    The Tasks module allows you to create tasks of various types and track their execution. Currently, there are four types of tasks

    • Photo reports
    • General tasks
    • Issues
    • Surveys

    Photo reports, general tasks, and surveys can either be created manually or automatically, according to periodic task generation rules. 

    When working with a task, there are three user roles

    An author decides whether a task needs an observer or not. A user who is a task author can also be an executor of the same task. Observers can be assigned both to individual tasks and group tasks. In case if an observer being assigned to a group task, the hierarchy rules take effect.

    An author created a group task Z for store X in region X and store Y in region Y and assigned two observers, regional manager X, and regional manager Y. According to hierarchy rules, regional manager X will observe only for the task of store X and will be unable to track the execution of the task of store Y. 

    Hierarchy rules do not apply to individual tasks. When creating such tasks, an author can make any user of any level an observer. 

    It is only possible to create tasks for users of a lower level. Therefore, a user with level Company can assign tasks to all users of the system, a user with level Division can create tasks for any user with Region or Store level within their division.



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