Task filters


    There are 3 types of filters in the task module.

    Task type filters

    By default, tasks of all types are displayed in the tasks list. If you want to see only tasks of a specific type, switch between the tabs at the top of the page.screenfood.png


    Task status filters

    You can filter tasks by their status. 

    • Assigned shows tasks you have assigned to other users
    • Execute shows tasks which you execute
    • Watching shows tasks you are assigned to observe
    • Tasks of my stores filter is only available for users of level Region and higher. Shows tasks assigned to stores in your regions/divisions
    • New shows all planned tasks
    • In progress shows all tasks in In progress status
    • Closed shows all executed tasks
    • Overdated shows all tasks that were not completed until their deadlines


    Other filters

    You can filter tasks by task id, name, etc. Click on the Show filters button, fill in the fields you want to filter tasks by and click Apply.



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