Inspection review


    What is an inspection review and what is it up for?

    An inspection review is a process in which a reviewer approves the results of an inspection. Divisional/regional managers can improve the quality and accuracy of inspections by appointing a qualified employee to review them. A reviewer can change answers given by an inspector if they are false or do not match the company's standards. Inspection reviews help the company management to receive accurate information on how their stores operate. 

    How to add a review stage to a check

    To add a review stage to an inspection, you should edit the corresponding checklist template. Go to the Checklist constructor > Checklist templates section of the website and select the desired checklist template. Click on it and checklist settings will appear at the bottom of your screen. Go to the Properties tab and tick the Need review checkbox. 


    Then open the Reviewers and assign users responsible for reviewing inspections. You can either select an individual user or assign all users of some level or department as reviewers.


    If a reviewer is deactivated at the time an inspection being sent on review, the system will select a higher-level user to be a reviewer instead. For example, if a user of the Region level was assigned as a reviewer and is inactive, a user of the Division level will become a reviewer of this check instead. In a situation when there are no users of a higher level, the system administrator becomes a reviewer.

    How to make the review stage optional

     If you want the review stage to be optional, tick the option shown on the screenshot below. Then the inspection initiator will determine should it be reviewed or not when creating a check.




    In the following table, you can see all possible scenarios of check reviews use.

    Need review Allow parameter "Need review" to be changed manually What happens
    Screenshot_at_Aug_09_16-49-09.png Screenshot_at_Aug_09_16-49-09.png Checks do not require check reviews.
    Screenshot_at_Aug_09_16-48-54.png Screenshot_at_Aug_09_16-49-09.png Checks require check reviews.
    image.png image.png A check initiator can determine should a check be reviewed or not. A check review is required by default.
    Screenshot_at_Aug_09_16-49-09.png Screenshot_at_Aug_09_16-48-54.png  A check initiator can determine should a check be reviewed or not. A check review is not required by default.


    How to review an inspection

    We have an article describing the process of reviewing an inspection step-by-step. To read it, click on this link. 


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