Lite surveys


    Quick surveys let users start filling out a survey without creating any tasks or linking it to an organizational unit. Lite surveys are disabled by default. To use them in your system, please contact your personal manager.

    In the Lite surveys tab users can see all the quick surveys created by them. Filters can be used to find surveys that match specific criteria.mceclip0.png 

    How to create a new quick survey template

    There are two ways to create a new quick survey:

    1. Create a new template on the Survey settings tab
    2. Allow using an already existing survey template for quick surveys.

    Any user that has the right to create and edit surveys can also create a quick survey template.

    To use the already existing survey template as a quick survey template, enter the Survey settings tab, open a folder containing the desired survey template and go to the editing menu by clicking the Screenshot_at_Sep_04_00-38-18.pngbutton opposite to the template. The editing menu will open, tick the Quick survey checkbox and press the Save button. 


    How to create a quick survey

    Go to the Quick surveys tab and click on the Create survey button.


    The creation menu will open. Select a template and click on the Create button. You can also select a store if you want.

    Once created, the quick survey will appear in the list and a user will be able to start filling it out.

    How to fill out a quick survey

     Only an author of a lite survey can fill it out. To fill out a survey, click on the mceclip3.png icon.


    To view a lite survey that already has been filled out, tick the corresponding checkbox in the list. A menu will appear on top of the list, letting the user:

    • View a report on the selected quick survey
    • Download a report on the selected quick survey
    • Delete the selected quick survey. Both completed and uncompleted surveys can be deleted. Delete function is available to the quick survey author or his supervisor. 
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