How to create a region


    Create a region

    To add a new region, click New region. The window of creating a new region will open.



    On this screen, enter a region name, select a division from the drop-down list, and click Create region. Click Cancel to cancel.

    Edit information about the region

    To view/edit information about a region, click on it in the list of regions, the panel for viewing the information about a region will open.


    In the Info tab, you can edit the name of the selected region, make it active/inactive, select a regional manager and a division from the drop-down list. Then click Save changes.

    In the Stores tab, you can view the list of stores in this region.


    To edit the assignment of executors to the selected region, go to the Selection of executors tab.


    • Select a department or leave the Department field blank to show users of all departments
    • To select a user as an executor of the region, switch the Executor option on.
    • Switch the Executor option off if you do not want a user to be an executor of the selected region anymore.
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