How to create stores


    Create a store

    To add a new store, click the New store button. This will open a window for creating a new store.



    On this screen, fill in the following fields:

    • Store id - required field
    • Store name - required field
    • Region - required field
    • Is active (switch between yes and no)
    • City - required field
    • Address - required field

    The latitude and longitude of the store will be filled in automatically in accordance with its address. 

    Then click Create store.

    Edit store information

    To view/edit the information about a store, click on it in the list of stores, the panel for viewing the information about the store will open.


    In the Information tab you can edit the following fields:

      • Store name
      • Region
      • Is active (switch between yes and no)
      • City
      • Address

    Open the Store manager tab to assign a store manager.


    Switch to the Employees tab to add or delete employees from the store. 



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