You can view and edit the tasks options in the Settings > Parameters section of the website. Click on the Tasks in the parameters list and you will see all task options available.

     Only the system administrator can view and edit the system parameters.



    Author can delete tasks

    This option allows users to delete tasks they created. 

    A user can only delete tasks that were created by them.

    Returning my store tasks to work

    This option allows a task author to return a task back to work in case it was not completed correctly.

    To do that, a task author should find the desired task and click on the Return to work button.

    The task status will change and an executor will be able to work on this task again.

    Return to work for observers

    This option allows a task author to return a task back to work to a task observer.

    An observer is a user who was appointed to oversee a task execution and remind an executor of the deadlines of their tasks.

    Objectives can only be assigned to subordinates

    If you want any user to be able to assign tasks to users of any level, switch this option off.
    Even if this option is switched off, the system administrator should edit the Department's settings to determine who can they assign tasks to.

    Executing tasks for my stores

    A description of this option is to be added later.

     Is a comment required when returning to work

    This option determines whether a comment is mandatory to return a task back to work. If it is switched off, a user will be able to return a task back to work without leaving a comment on it.

    Allow change of deadline for author only

    By default, both the system administrator and task authors can change deadlines. If this option is switched on, only the task author will be able to change the deadlines of the task.
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