Store import process


    Go to the Settings - Import section of the website. You will then see the import menu. 



    Download the import template and fill it in. You can also read a more detailed description of the fields below. 

    «Latitude», «Longitude»

    When entering the coordinates of an object, you can use either a dot or comma for fractional values (e.g. 40.757971 or 40,757971).

    Store number

     A store number defines what should the system do with the imported store.

    • If you want to create a new store, enter a store number that doesn't exist in the system or leave this field blank. In the last case, a store number will be generated automatically. 
    • To edit info about an existing store, you should enter the store number of a store you want to change and fill in all other fields. 
    • To deactivate a store, delete it from the import file. By default, all stores that are not in the import file will be deactivated.

    Region name

    Determines the region of an imported store. If you want a store to be added to an existing region, make sure you enter the region name correctly.

    All stores in the system must be linked to regions. Therefore, you must define the default region in which all stores will be imported if any problem occurs (e.g. if you leave the region name field blank).


    You can change the region of any store after the import at any time. 

    Store manager login and Region office address

    These fields are not required to import. 

    You can enter the login of a user you want to appoint as a store manager for the corresponding object. Make sure you write the login exactly as it is spelled in the Users list.

    The Region office address is currently not used in the system so you can leave this field blank.


    Other settings define what should the system do with imported stores under specified conditions. You can read more about the default settings in the Store number section.


    Here is an example of an import file & import result.



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