Versions 2.44 - 2.44.7


    1. The Irrelevant option is now available when answering a question during an inspection.

    2. The "Inspections" report has been redesigned. Now it has more filters and shows the comments of inspectors.

    3. Comments of inspectors are now displayed in the "Inspections answers" report.

    4. Users can now attach and view videos in tasks and checks.
    5. The "Store number" and "Store name" have been separated into two different fields in the reports on tasks.

    6. Volume can now be adjusted when playing an audio attachment. 


    7. Inspections can now be searched by their ID on the Inspections board.


    8. Text of the error message shown when the search failed to find subtasks matching specified conditions has been changed. 

    9. Updates in the Company Analytics:

    - The Excel report doesn't round up numbers from now on. 
    - Click on a store on a map in Company Analytics now opens the Event history of the corresponding store.
    - The Event Center is now displayed when viewing the Scoring by stores report in the expanded mode (the "x" button at the right corner of the block)


    - The rules of calculating the Score by Division / Region chart have been updated.

    - The Issue Execution chart has been updated. 

    - The sidebar has been redesigned. 

    - The tabular reports have been moved into the Analytics section.

    - The Inspections calendar and Inspections board have been moved into the Inspections section.
    - The "Settings" section has been moved into the "Administration" block along with some other sections available only for system administrators. 

    - The "Inspections calendar" has been redesigned. 

    - Email and push notifications on inspections have been updated.


    - The Excel report in the Inspections calendar has been redesigned. 

    - An "Object email" field has been added to the store creation & edit menu. It is now possible to set an email for notifications on the results of inspections conducted in an object.

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